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Ponte Vecchio


Application: Taking Action upon God’s Revealed Answers

  • What does the text teach me/us about the Nature and Character of God? (a theological and ethical truth).

  • What is new to me/us that we did not know before? (This is referring to a new Revelation. Can you be specific?).

  • What does the text teach me about how I/we are now to be different and become more like Jesus? (This is the meaning of Redemption coupled with Transformation).

  • What is the new relationship “In Christ” which is created that was not perceived before? (This is the beginning of biblical Reconciliation)

  • What does this text teach me about how I/We should relate to one another? (This is a call to practice true Community and Unity)

  • What does this new “In Christ” relationship look like embodied in me/us? (This is leaning into a Spirit-enabled nature of our relationships)

  • What about the divine-human problem is solved? (This is a more robust definition of Salvation. Not a ticket to heaven but the beginning of the curse reversed.)

  • How is God’s solution so different from the way most human models might appear? (What does the Kingdom look like as it becomes a reality in my/our midst?)

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