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As you begin this journey of study, we want to put before you the overall "compass points" of True^ North Bible Study that fit into a holistic Bible Study approach:

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1. Prayer: Ask God to reveal His words to you: "Lord, I need insight, knowledge, and discernment from You as I engage in the study of Your Word."

2. Observation: Inspect the passage, see what is explicitly in the text, and shape your insights into text-driven questions.

3. Interpretation: Answer the text-driven questions discovered during your Observation with effective research tools.

4. Application: Carefully define and evaluate the practical

Biblical truths which arose from your Interpretation. In the end, shape these truths into transformational prayers.

Please feel free below to select a step to view as an overview. Each of these steps are explained in detail in the True^North Bible Study workbook, which you can download for free here.

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